Team of INSTINCT Trend Consulting

A chat with… Delphine & Caroline, from the collective Instinct Trend Consulting

Playologie team stole a moment to chat with Caroline Beillerot and Delphine Robert of the creative INSTINCT Trend Consulting.

Can you introduce us the "INSTINCT Trend Consulting"?

INSTINCT is a collective based in Paris. We are specialized in fashion, beauty & lifestyle for children, women and men. While analyzing the forthcoming trends, we stay tuned to our intuitions to build prospective and singular projects. Our approach is free and human. We believe this is crucial in the creative process if we want to be innovative in an evolving industry.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves? What’s your background?

CB: I have studied fashion design at Studio Berçot in Paris. Then, I started working in different trend agencies, such as Peclers & Nelly Rodi, for 10 years where I have learned the job of trend consultant with inspiring people. After this experience, I have co-founded the INSTINCT collective.

DR : After fashion & art studies (DSAA at Duperré school in Paris), I worked as a fashion designer assistant for 7 years. I was working as a freelancer when I met Caroline, who introduced me to Claire… We started working together from time to time and the idea of creating INSTINCT was born shortly after.

How and why did you decide to establish your own trend consulting agency?

CB : We organized ourselves in collective because we believe in the richness of teamwork, in the gaze crossing of complementary sensitivities, and sharing values.
Also, we had a lot of interesting freelance job opportunities and we needed to structure a team to respond to the market needs.

DR : As we met, there was a need—especially on the Asian market—for European skills in terms of work methodology and sensitivity. We had our own clients, but realized we would be stronger together: the work is always more efficient when we share ideas and stimulate each other! We naturally chose the collective structure to stay flexible and be able to provide tailored services to our clients. To give the more appropriated response to a project, we can ask other personalities to collaborate on certain projects: graphic designers, sociologists, illustrators…

What kind of projects do you work on? How do you approach each new project?

We can have a very global approach as well as a chirurgical action. We adapt our work to our clients' specific needs.

The bespoke approach starts with the brand's identity and needs: here we do artistic direction, conduct workshops with their creative teams if needed, develop exclusive creations of prints and garments. We also propose brand positioning studies, omnichannel communication and digital strategy to boost the brand’s image.

We are open to every kind of client’s profile: we try to see together how we can walk hand in hand to build an inspiring project for both of us. That’s why our methodology is very specific to each mission.

Who are your clients? Who can be your potential clients?

Our clients are Playologie, Christian Dior, La Redoute, Koton, Nike, Publicis, chain stores in Asia, etc.
Our potential clients are e-shops, chain stores, fashion brands, startup brands in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry.

What type of brands would like to work with in future?

We like to work with brands who are at the beginning of their adventure, as well as more established ones. We would like to develop partnerships with highly creative online shops such as Smallable, Melijoe, Orange Mayonnaise…

Most of all, we would love being part of projects highlighting French skills and helping to keep a living fashion industry here.

Regarding the human and environmental damages caused by the fashion industry, our deepest wish is to collaborate with brands who are willing to reinvent themselves and change their habits for a more sustainable approach. We also would like to help new brands to start and become aware of the society in which they evolve. We believe in humility, transparency and caring, and strive our missions to adjust our action to our values.

What are the main steps of your creative process?

Firstly, we do a deep analysis of the macro-trends: a societal, lifestyle, sociological analysis & synthesis. Secondly, we analyze all the fashions shows, lookbooks, advertisings of the season. We work in a workshop to share our ideas.

Can you tell us about your future projects?

We are currently working on a project of collaboration with French factories, in order to help them to show their high-grade know-hows and create fresh collections. We also wish we could create collections in partnership with industrialists and craftmen who developed sustainable processes.


Stéphanie Grand

Thursday September 6, 2018

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