5 Independent fashion magazines you should be reading

Nowadays, you can find astonishing independent magazines everywhere, on a range of subjects, and many are reaching a variety of audiences, as well.

Check out these independent mags for something creative and worth reading! Find your inspiration as you scroll through our selection of magazines!

Bare is an international fashion, culture and art magazine dedicated to the "raw beauty of realism and simplicity". Published with a fresh perspective, this independent magazine covers the aspects of authenticity without retouching or Photoshopping any of its images.


Bare Magazine Issue 2

The Gentlewoman
Launched in 2010, The Gentlewoman illustrates the modern women image in an empowering, elegant way. This amazing biannual magazine offers brilliant fashion viewpoints focused on personal style, combining that with serious journalism.


The Gentlewomen Magazine Issue 17

Straight out of Berlin's fashion scene, ΠMagazine is an annual independent magazine that comes out with a series of contemporary fashion editorials. It concentrates on showing fashion by purely focusing on images. Using different paper qualities and special production features, Πaims to be an item that people would like to hold, keep and collect.


ΠMagazine Issue 9

AnOther and AnOther Man
Since its debut in 2001, Another Magazine has been featuring high fashion, arts, politics and literature.

Primarily born as a single biannual magazine Another, branched out to AnOther Man in 2005 as a way to fully capture the menswear audience. AnOther Man gives a tunnel vision to the creativity in men’s fashion while connecting intelligence, luxury and a sense of adventure.


AnOther Magazine Vol. 2 Issue 7-S/S18 Psycodrama Issue of AnOtherman

Designed to bring a new breath to the heart of Independent magazines, Purple was originally made in the same spirit of the fanzine in early 1990s. It was born in Paris as a reaction against the superficial glamour of the 1980's and as a part of the global counterculture movement.

Working with undiscovered, unknown artists, "Purple Fashion manage to capture a fashionable world in a way that pushes away superficiality and replaces it with personal expression and quality".


Purple Magazine 76 Index S/S 2018 issue 29

Senem Kutlu

Monday July 9, 2018

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