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Interview with Picapics' Business Developer Pierre DIDIER:
Tips on how to master e-commerce product photograph

Meet Picapics' Business Developer Pierre DIDIER, get to know Picapics and learn how to make better visual content!

Can you tell us about yourself and what you do?

My name is Pierre. I work for Picapics, which has been Picaflor’s shooting studio for almost two years. Our CEO has discovered content creation machines, two years ago during one of his trips.

These machines are designed and built by StyleShoots. They are basically “all-in-one” photo studios made for garments and accessories besides they are really… fun!

Just imagine a kind of retro-lit pool table surrounded by 4 big LED lights and a CANON 5D camera on top of it. Thanks to an iPad that controls it all, you can have automatically deep-etched pictures and easily create pack shots for e-shops, beautiful flat lays and mood boards as easily as on your smart phone. It’s amazing.

We also have another vertical version of the machine with a mannequin that disappears on the picture so that you only see the clothes (we call it “a ghost").

In a way, we consider these machines to be a brand’s first step towards e-commerce: it starts with the visuals of the products, the next step is to upload the products onto a digital platform like Playologie, then you are ready to dive into the B2B market place.(smiles)

How do you think the definition of the picture has evolved over the past few years with the arrival of digitization?

I think there were major changes on both sides. The digitization of the photography business, with the disappearance of analogical cameras, also had an effect on web-based businesses.

It changed everything, from how you promote a product to how you display and sell it. The Internet, as a business place, and digital photography, are tightly linked.

What are the characteristics of a successful visual content?

Good pack shots are not all that common; what I call a pack shot is the photo of the product itself, without anything else in the picture. ‘Lifestyle’ or ‘Still Life’ shots, for example, are close, but always include another element other than the product itself. So I think the key to reach a good visual is to see the product as a whole, but also in detail, very precisely.

I love it, as a consumer, when a scarf is well deep etched, when I can zoom into one part of the picture and not in ‘zoom slices’. I need to see the fabric, the design, the knitting.

“We need to see the physical through the digital…”

How does the quality of pictures affect sales volume?

Visuals are essential to increase your CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

Some recent studies have shown that 63% of the people visiting a website are attracted to the pictures long before the text and the videos, so pictures talk more than words, or anything else for that matter. There are 3 phases of being a consumer: attention, attraction, and decision. So the first 2 phases have to show the product perfectly, precisely, beautifully. In my view, this means with no alteration, a ‘pure packshot’.

If you provide to these 63%, a professional visual of your product in high-definition, they will trust the brand and have a good opinion of it, whether or not they like the product. Even if you don’t sell a specific garment, you will increase your online reputation and that’s useful for sales in the long run.

Back to the service you are offering, what are its advantages?

2 ways of enjoying the machines: rental, or having it all done by the studio with one of our top stylists.

We always work with stylists who know both the machines and the ‘rules’ of the marketplace for showing your products :they know how to show a product in its best light.

We use the horizontal machine for flat lays and the vertical one for ghosts and accessories. They really improve the efficiency and quality of the shoot thanks to the automatic deep etching. The main concept of these machines is that in 30 seconds you can have a fully deep-etched scarf or bag, which is really useful and helps you to save time on Photoshop, i.e. save money.

Actually, what are our studio offers in terms of e-commerce solutions can be summed up in three keywords:
Efficiency: because it offers a workflow or the possibility of high volume of products to be shot
Consistency: same lights, same position etc.
Creativity: thanks to mood boards or composition you can design from PNG or TIFF versions; we can export into almost any format, perfect for Print/ Web / Social Media…

How is it like to have a session at Picapics workplace?

We always welcome the people with a great coffee, and then take them through the offices of Picaflor and in the studio, where they can prepare for the shoot in a fully equipped room.

Adress : 5 rue de la Plaine 75020 Paris/FRANCE
E-mail : pierre@picapics.com

Senem Kutlu

Thursday June 14, 2018