2016 Fashion show of 48h Maison de Mode

Playologie in collaboration with Maisons de Mode

Playologie continues to support emerging brands and its partnership with Maisons de Mode!

Playologie, the international B2B marketplace for fashion and design, teams up with Maisons de Mode in order to bring out and reward a creative label of the North during 48h Maisons de Mode runway show.

This B2B platform is an effective and powerful working tool that enables brands to: show, manage, promote and sell their collections online 365 days a year. The fortunate brand will be benefitting from the opportunities of this secured online platform.

48h Maisons de Mode Fashion show brochure 2018

Having its roots located at Lille and Roubaix, Maisons de Mode's aim is to develop textile design by offering support to fashion labels, either clothing or accessory brands, who will contribute to the resurgence of northern France’s textile industry.

It guides emerging designers and helps established brands to keep their businesses moving forward in the long run. Each designer is offered invaluable professional assistance and guidance according to the designer’s individual needs through each stage of their development. Additionally, their creations are shown at exhibitions, fashion shows and Maisons de Mode events like the Marché des Modes (French for Fashion Bazaar), La Nuit des Soldes (The Night of Sales), The Vide-Dressing (Closet clear-out) and more.

Previous years' 48h Maisons de Mode Fashion show pictures

A way for those who embark on the fashion scene to get noticed, and for visitors to meet live emerging talent.

In Lille, for the past 10 years, 48H Maisons de Mode, the annual fashion show, honours emerging labels and designers producing in France. Jewelry, clothing, accessories, shoes; everything related to fashion is presented.

Last year, the event, which has no equivalent in Europe, attracted nearly 16,000 people and this year's edition of 48h Maisons de Mode comes back as strong as ever! This year’s edition will take place 14-16 September at its annual location in Lille, the Gare Saint Sauveur train station. Upcoming edition hopes to live up to past incarnations in fun, fashion, free spirits and French creativity on display.

48h Maisons de Mode 2017 Fashion show in Lille


Senem Kutlu

Tuesday August 28, 2018

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