Playologie x Instinct at Kind und Jugend

Playologie called the trend agency Instinct to establish three trends for Playologie’s 100 square-meter booth at the Kind + Jugend trade show in Cologne.

You may have already seen them on Instagram lately! Here’s an update on each trend:


Baby world dives into a futuristic wave. Inspiration from 50s Scandinavian design dominates throughout: evolving furniture with clean lines, clothes and children’s games with simple, geometric, and efficient forms. Minimalistic designs with metal overtones are warmed up by natural woods and b.
A range of neutral colors with subtle pastel variations softens the rigor of the lines. The future of our toddlers is looking sharp but tender!


Imagining the world of tomorrow is (almost) child’s play! Wild-headed but practically minded inventors challenge each other in architectural feats that stir the artistic soul in us. Interlocking forms, graphical patterns, modular spaces that trouble the senses... every object conceals a surprise and leaves to the user the task of making up her own user manual or adding his own fantasy to the mix.
The palette subverts primary colors by nudging them together with bubble-gum tones. Winks are encouraged, facetiousness is compulsory. Calling all free spirits: it’s time to play!


Natural, authentic, hand-made are the watchwords for a new generation of parents who worry about the planet. To hand down high-quality products to our descendants: slippers, cardigans and knitted caps, hand-sewn bloomers, rattan cradles, wooden board games...
Favoring a return to essentials and to an economy of means. Beauty rituals and home recipes are enjoyed as a family. Special focus on natural materials, organic cotton gauze, and linen. Yesteryear fabrics inspire a range of colors where vegetable greens mingle with cloudy blue, melon, bois de rose, and pale ochre.

Nawal Doghri

Wednesday September 13, 2017

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