Round & Raw by Instinct

"Round & Raw" by Instinct*

This year, autumn plunges us into minimal, geometric interiors.

Array round floor by Lukas Peet

Unfinished materials - earth, cork, marble - breathes life into the floor plan with simplicity and modesty.

Earrings Loéil

The living room is decked out with seating with generous bases like elephant feet.

Territoria by the design studio CARA DAVIDE

The daybed forms a massive, monastic block with a rounded form, warmed up by a natural woollen cover.

Daybed by Faye Toogood
Sketchpad by Bill Amberg, Armchair by Faye Toogood

Surfaces are smooth, and contours softened: an oasis whose barely-visible imperfections cradle bouquets of wild grasses, like small explosions.

Floral Arrangement by de Beaulieu, ©Laurine Abrieu

Crockery is adorned with hand-drawn brushstrokes.

Plate, Silvia K
Plate, Silvia K
Skeleton, a sculptural set of cutlery designed by Japanese studio Nendo for Belgian brand Valerie Objects

Elsewhere, the light fixtures delicately reflect the decor.

Table light round floor by Lukas Peet

As for the colour scheme, natural hues of red earth, clay and ceramic contrast with vibrant orange and deep black.

*Instinct is a creative agency based in Paris since 2014 that specializes in fashion and beauty. Mixing trends, innovation and environmental awareness, Instinct’s expertise allows brands to reinvent themselves within a sector that is in full revolution. Its flexible structure means it can offer a customized service, tailored to the needs of every client, and to adopt a forward-looking, joyful, and above all human approach to fashion!

Stéphanie Grand

Tuesday October 2, 2018

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