Irina shirt by Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin, the new tasty brand on Playologie

Playologie is excited to welcome Tarte Tatin. The Italian brand 100% made in Italy takes its name from the famous French dessert. The two sisters Tatin were making an apple tart and one of them put it in the oven but forgot the dough. To correct her mistake, she added the dough on top of the caramelized apples and served the pastry upside down.
That is what Tarte Tatin stands for: creativity, intuition and a change in perspective.

Founded by Valeria De Bruno, the brand creates high-quality silk accessories and clothing in collaboration with five distinguished Italian illustrators Lisa Gelli, Philip Giordano, Claudia Palmarucci, Michele Rocchetti and Gaia Stella.

"Rebel Rebel" silk foulard

Each of their product is decorated with unique character and patterns telling their own story to wear. “Babette, il pavone bluette”, “Ottavio, il pavone ottanio”, “The Circus”, “The Forest”, “Rebel rebel” and “Irina, the intrepid ballerina” are the characters and the themes of their latest collection.

"The Circus" silk handkerchief
"Irina, the intrepid ballerina" silk foulard

Nawal Doghri

Sunday May 21, 2017