The Explosion of Milennial Pink

The Explosion of Milennial Pink

Whether you call it millennial, pale dogwood, Tumblr, quartz, scandi or just itself, pink is the color surpassing all other color trends. One question you may ask: why? Because the shade has become genderless.

Who said pink was only for girls? For a long time, this blushy color was exclusively related to a girly universe. Colour of the year 2016 for Pantone (color institute which analyzes global color trends), quartz pink has already been seen everywhere since then.

Pop & Suki camera bag

The company later issued Pale Dogwood as a trend forecast for spring/summer 2017. Some people say this trending color has started in 2014 with the Wes Anderson’s movie « The Grand Budapest Hotel », where he has featured the color almost everywhere, giving the movie an art-deco and timeless touch.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Un-gendering of pink helps explain why Gucci, Off-White, and Pigalle all released pink menswear in 2016—and why the buzziest color of Common Projects sneakers, a favorite label among stylish men, was blush,“ explains Bloomberg in an article about the trend. A color symbolizes a period of time according to them: “These are turbulent times. People are looking for calm.

Fashion, architecture, lifestyle, decor, goods… Pink will have a rosy future, for sure.

Nawal Doghri

Wednesday January 4, 2017

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